Visiting Granby? Here are Great Things to Do There


Whether you are planning to stay in Granby for a few days or longer, the region surely has something for everyone. Granby is home to the best tourist destinations and activities. Knowing what to expect from your visit in Granby will make it easy for you to plan weekends or long vacations in the region. Handpicked tours, excursions, and day trips will make your visit comfortable. To get the best experience at the zoo, pick from a variety of Granby vacation packages or make your own. Below are some of the things to do in Granby to make your stay and visit worthwhile:

Go to Granby Zoo

Whether you are travelling solo or with your family or groups of friends, having a day exploring the zoo, Water Park, and amusement park will surely be unforgettable. Granby Zoo is home to more than 1, 000 animals of various species. The beauty and activities the zoo can offer can make your stay more than a day. Thus, considering staying in a nearby hébergement zoo granby.

Go to Grimpe Et Partou 

This is a family amusement centre for people of all ages. It has a play structure, four party rooms for children, inflatable games, and a play area for children under two years old. This place is perfect for any family that wants to create memories with their little ones.

Autodrome Granby

Autodrome Granby celebrates its 34th year of existence this year. It is increasingly getting the attention of many fans and racers. This is where around 75, 000 race fans gather each year on Friday nights from May to September to watch racing actions. One of the must-see events in this place is dirt track racing.

Visit the Verger Champêtre – Gîte & compagnie

This place has huge enclosures which let visitors get up close and personal with animals. Visitors can wander along a trail with a miniature horse or alpaca. Also, this Granby attraction has a new herbal garden that highlights agriculture’s medicinal side as well as the vegetable gardens and pine tree plantation. Visitors here can harvest fruits straight from the trees.

Witness the Festival international de la chanson de Granby

This famous Canadian contest has been an outdoor festival with plenty of outdoor shows. This event offers the perfect opportunity to meet tourists, artists, and the local community. It will take place from August 14 to 24, this year.