Redesigning Your Travel Website? Don’t Miss These Tips!


If you have a travel & tourism niche site that must be redesigned, it’s necessary to review the previous design for flaws. Even the best websites must be redesigned at some point, and what matters the most is the approach. Thanks to website builders and online guides, you can make website on your own, without relying entire on web designers and developers. In this post, we are offering suggestions and recommendations on how you can redesign your existing travel portal.

Minimalism is not just a trend

Yes, more and more web designers are now using minimalistic designs, but this is not just a trend, at least for the travel niche. Keep in mind that travel and tourism blogs often have a lot of videos and photos, and the focus needs to be on the visual appeal of these components. As such, having a contrasting or bold background doesn’t really make sense. The font is also as important. Avoid italics and bold content, unless required. Using popups is okay as long as it doesn’t hamper the viewing experience.

Add the right plug-ins

Once you are ready to install a theme, consider what more you may need. If you are using WordPress, chances are high than you will have ready plug-ins for almost anything, and these plug-ins ensure that all the features are included but without spending huge. For example, the basic version of Yoast SEO is free. You can also use plug-ins for social media integration, which is an absolute must for websites that rely heavily on word of mouth.

Ensure your website is responsive

People always browse websites on the go, and you want to be absolutely sure that the new site works perfectly for all screens. If you are using a website builder such as Wix or Weebly, your website is likely to be optimized automatically for mobile screens, but you have to ensure that the viewing experience is as good on different devices.

Follow your competitors

You don’t have an idea for your new, revamped website, we recommend that you check for the top travel websites or immediate competitor sites. This is particularly useful for understanding trends and how different elements work together for each website.

In conclusion

Visual appeal, minimal design, and amazing content – these three things are a must for designing a successful website. It is also necessary to think of updating your hosting plan, if required, and for the CMS, WordPress is always the best choice.