Copenhagen 101: Things Every Traveller Must Try And Do!


Denmark is pretty famed for many reasons. From the majestic castles and palaces, to history, architecture, amusement parks and natural resources, this is one of the most diverse and happiest countries in the world! If you want to explore Scandinavia and don’t have the time to explore everything, consider spending at least a week in Copenhagen. The Danish capital is home to some amazing restaurants, museums, parks, palaces and more, and you will never run of things to do here.

Just book one of the holiday apartments Copenhagen city centre, and you can have a home away from your own, where you can end the day making your own meal. Here are experiences and things that every traveller must try and do.

  • Start with Tivoli Gardens. This is an iconic amusement parks and one of the oldest in the world. Tivoli Gardens has fireworks show, special theatre, rides, and more, and the rollercoaster experience here is different and thrilling to say the least. You can spend an entire day at Tivoli Gardens with the kids, and adults will love it too.

  • Take a boat tour and see the Little Mermaid. Close to the historic waterfront area (more on that later), you can take boat tours, which allow you to explore the city from the waters. The Little Mermaid statue is the one of the most talked-about attractions of the city.
  • Rosenborg Castle. If you don’t have the time to see all castles in the city, make Rosenborg Castle your first choice. Located bang in the city, you can see a new side of Danish architechture here.
  • Coffee at Nyhavn. Nyhavn is the harbour area, where you can spend the evening enjoying coffee or a drink at one of the posh restaurants. The buildings here are coloured in bright hues and house some of the best bars, cafés, and restaurants.
  • Head to the National Museum. If you are fond of history and artefacts, head to Copenhagen’s National Museum, where you can spend almost half day knowing the Danish history. We promise that the experience is unlike boring museums.

Tips to follow

Always book your stay before you arrive. Paper Island is a nice place to try amazing food, and you will find fine-dine restaurants that serve awesome Nordic cuisine. For the uninitiated, Nordic cuisine is all about fresh, seasonal and local produce, and do try a few Danish pastries and hotdogs!